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Barry Desborough 3rd Jan, 2014.

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Hi, this is Ken Ham President CEO Answers in Genesis and the creation Museum. Recently, a YouTube video featuring a person call Bill Nye the Science Guy received millions of views. Now, the video was called, "Creationism is Inappropriate for Children". Well, I really believe we should call Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye the Humanist Guy. You see Bill Nye received the Humanist of the Year award in 2010 se even though Bill Nye had some wonderful programs on PBS TV teaching exciting things about science you know when he was experimenting and putting things together and so on and you know he did some real observational science there. Bill Nye also has an - agenda to teach children not to believe in God.

  • Bill Nye teaches children not to believe in God? Does Christianity teach you not to lie, Ken Ham? I believe it does. By their fruits you will know them - liars and hypocrites.

To teach them they are the result of evolutionary processes. That they came from slime over millions of years.

  • Life goes back billions of years, not millions, and it probably started with molecular replicators, not slime, nor, as Genesis has it, "dirt".

In fact, Bill Nye really doesn't understand science.

  • You've just proved that you are clueless and you have thereby disqualified yourself from being in a position to judge.

I mean the word "science" means "knowledge" and you can divide science into historical science that is talking about the past, or observational science.

  • All science is based on observations that are made in the present.

That's the science that builds our technology. He says that if you deny evolution to children, they can have problems because we need engineers. Well, wait a minute. Engineering and evolution? What has evolution got to do with engineering?

  • Well, evolutionary algorithms are used in engineering design. Living systems are models and inspiration for human designs. And science is a consistent, coherent edifice of knowledge. You cannot pick and choose which parts suit you and which do not. Undermine parts of it and you undermine the lot. Science is not just about the latest design of toaster that you may be coveting. It is a system of truth detection that is the pinnacle of human achievement. And you sir, are an ignorant vandal.
  • An army general was once being shown around the FermiLab facility by its director. The general asked him, "Tell me, Mr Director, what contribution does this facility make towards the defense of our country?" The director replied, "No contribution at all. But it's one of the things that makes this country worth defending in the first place." Ken, you are not only ignorant, and a vandal, but you are a philistine too.

I mean, Bill Nye himself actually, is not a scientist. He studies Mechanical Engineering, and he worked for Boeing at one stage. I hope he did not apply his evolutionary principles to any of Boeings' aeroplanes, because if he did, I wouldn't want to be flying in them. I wouldn't want to be flying in something that was built by chance, random processes. What do you think? All the parts - just lay them out on the runway and they come together or something? No, of course he didn't apply his evolutionary ideas to his engineering at Boeing, otherwise we would be in real trouble.

Bill Nye is really implying that if we are gonna teach children creation, that's really a form of abuse - that creation is inappropriate for children.

  • Children are taught about creation myths in schools, at home and in churches, synagogues and mosques. That is not abuse. The abuse is to indoctrinate defenseless minds with the idea that a kindergarden interpretation of scripture trumps reality - that it can replace science.

I tell you what is real abuse and I tell you what is inappropriate for children. When you take generations of kids and you teach them they are just animals.

  • Why 'just'?

There's no God.

  • Liar.

You're a result of millions of years of evolutionary processes. You just came from some slime over millions of years. Who determines right from wrong? You do. Who determines what's good and bad? You do.

  • The evolutionary perspective throws a lot of light on how and why we are moral animals. It explains yours and my moral views. I can explain yours. You cannot explain mine. And rabid fundamentalists do not do well in surveys of moral behaviour, Ken, not just the levels of dishonesty and hypocrisy they display.

What is marriage? Whatever you want to make it. You know, it's really people like Bill Nye that are damaging kids. Creation is the teaching that they are special, that they are made in the image of God.

  • This has what, exactly, to do with whether creationism or science is correct?

And of course, giving them a basis for developing technology, that we can trust the laws of logic, we can trust the laws of nature we can trust the uniformity of nature.

  • The laws of nature and the uniformity of nature give witness to the reality of deep time and of evolution. Whenever creationists are backed into a corner by that dreaded stuff called evidence and reason, they croak, "Miracle!" Yet more hypocrisy.

You know, Bill Nye really does not understand science. He's called "Bill Nye The Science Guy"? He really doesn't understand science. He doesn't understand the difference between observational science and historical science.

  • You've already said that. It is still meaningless. All science is based on observations.

I mean he talks about the fact that, "Ah, we've got these ancient bones. We've got radioactivity." Wait a minute, of course we can observe radioactivity. We can experiment with it.

  • You can't observe radioactivity. You can observe effects, from which you surmise radioactivity. Like pretty much alll of science.

But when it comes to bones like dinosaur bones, you don't dig them up with labels telling you how old they are, or dig them up with photographs telling you when they lived.

  • No. It's better than that. People can fake labels and photos. Just as they can fake scripture. A whole battery of techniques and a whole range of consilient but independent lines of evidence tell us how old they are. And these cannot be faked.

He doesn't teach children how to think critically. He doesn't teach them how to think about science. He wants to teach them what to think and he confuses historical science beliefs about the past, and observational science that develops your technology. He puts those together, and doesn't distinguish between the two.

  • This rings extremely hollow from someone who will not engage in debate about the actual evidence.

If evolution were true, I mean, it'd be so obvious to the kids that it is true. But it's not.

  • Of course it is not. It is barely 150 years since Darwin's Origin was published. That it is not intuitively obvious (like it is not intuitively obvious that the world is round, and moving, or that a photon can pass through two slots and interfere with itself, or that the speed of light does not depend on the speed of the source and the observer) - that it is not intuitively obvious is precisely why it needs to be taught well, and why rabid fanatics need to be kept out of the way when it is taught.

The way to convince kids about evolution is you have to do what Bill Nye the Humanist Guy wants. You protect them from hearing anything about creation. You totally indoctrinate them. You brainwash them. You don't teach them to think critically at all. You don't teach them the difference between historical science and observational science. You just wanna make sure they only hear about evolution, and that's it.

  • I'm a retired school teacher - an ex-head of a mathematics and science department of a large school. I would love to teach children critical thinking about creationism - to help them realize that it is a prime specimen of vacuous pseudoscience.

Creationists, of course, are very happy to teach their children about evolution and teach the problems with it, and teach their children how to think critically, and the difference between historical science and observational science.

  • Creationist lie to everyone about evolution. It is all they can do.

Isn't it interesting, how Christians are not frightened to teach their children about evolution. Two of our scientists here at the Creation Museum, Doctor Georgia Purdom who has a PhD in molecular genetics and Doctor David Menton who has a PhD in biology have also put up a YouTube video dealing with some of the statements that Bill Nye has made. So I encourage you to go and watch their response to his video entitled, "Creationism is Inappropriate for Children", and see why you don't want Bill Nye The Humanist Guy teaching your children.

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  • A question Ken. Your site contains a page outlining the "Answers in Genesis Statement of Faith". The last bit goes, "By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record. Of primary importance is the fact that evidence is always subject to interpretation by fallible people who do not possess all information." Who wrote that? An infallible person who possesses all information? Can't you even hear yourself?

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